Is one of the world’s most beautiful cities (with its golden stone facades and famous monuments), and a vibrant, densely packed collection of villages. Behind the grandiose palaces and boulevards, you can discover intimate courtyards and gardens; behind historic faades are craft workshops and eminent research institutions. Perhaps the true clue to ‘s appeal is that despite being one of the most visited cities in the world it is also intensely lived in. With its flats, playgrounds, food markets and cafs, there is no empty heart in the centre; and you, too, can play at being a ian. is ‘s oldest city. Greek traders founded the place 2,600 years ago, and it’s scarcely had a quiet moment since. Recently, the emphasis has been on cultural consolidation. New and renewed museums are hitting their stride. After enormous urban renewal schemes, there are enough new trams, designer hotels Replica Designer Handbags Replica Handbags, galleries, chic restaurants and shops to fill a year’s worth of lifestyle magazines. will remain magnificent with its coast of rocks, the sea, and the beat of a big port city.

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