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Replica Valentino Tech savvy Cambridge goes a step further. Not just content with tweeting pictures of our own pets, we set them up their own accounts and update everyone about their lives.So join us on a zoological mission, as we track down Cambridge’s favourite social media animals who are probably having a far more exciting time than you are anyway.What’s happening to the ‘vandalised’ blue plaque outside a Cambridge pub?The Cambridge Cows As anyone who regularly tries to cycle through Midsummer Common will tell you, the city’s resident cows won’t be pushed around.Not content with simply standing their ground, the herd now has its own Twitter account, with more than 700 followers who avidly follow their every moooove (sorry).The Cambridge Peregrines Twitter’s logo is a bird, so who better to give us an eagle eyed view on life in the city than our very own pair of falcons?The two birds regularly seen atop the spires of King’s College Chapel and the Emmanuel United Reform Church are monitored by their own dedicated Twitter account, which tracks them all over the city.The Cambridge Whale It may have died over a century ago, but this mighty marine mammal still manages to have a pretty active social life.The 70 foot Finback hangs in the entrance to the new look Zoology Museum, but has been busy online for months providing regular updates on the refurbishment.He hasn’t sang his haunting whale song in a while, but he’s not above singing the praises of donors to the museum, treating them to a very special social media ‘spout out’.The Astronomical Mouse Why content yourself living in a hole in a skirting board when you could have a whole astronomy to call your own?The AstroMouse lives in Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy, busying himself with gazing at the stars, teasing the institute’s librarian, but, mostly it seems, hunting for cheese.Howl o we’en! Join Cambridge’s first spooky dog parade for the RSPCAAll that acquired scientific knowledge must have rubbed off over the years though, as he’s not only mastered the secrets of the universe, but is a dab hand (paw?) at Twitter, sharing all the behind the scenes gossip from within the deepest bowels of the observatory.Clarence the Clare Bear Lord Byron famously kept a pet bear during his time at Trinity College, but we bet he was nowhere near as fearsome as Clarence.The unofficial mascot of Clare College, he often prowls the corridors and courts of the university’s second oldest college Replica Valentino.