Mr. Hewitt, who has had great experience in crossing tame cock pheasants with fowls belonging to five breeds, gives as the character of all ‘extraordinary wildness’ (13/42. ‘The Poultry Book’ by Tegetmeier 1866 pages 165, 167.); but I have myself seen one exception to this rule. Mr. S. J. Salter (13/43. ‘Natural History Review’ 1863 April page 277.) who raised a large number of hybrids from a bantam hen by Gallus sonneratii, states that ‘all were exceedingly wild.’ [.] utterly sterile male hybrids from the pheasant and the fowl act in the same manner, “their delight being to watch when the hens leave their nests, and to take on themselves the office of a sitter.” (13/57. ‘Cottage Gardener’ 1860 page 379.) [.] Mr. Hewitt gives it as a general rule with fowls, that crossing the breed increases their size. He makes this remark after stating that hybrids from the pheasant and fowl are considerably larger than either progenitor: so again, hybrids from the male golden pheasant and female common pheasant “are of far larger size than either parent bird.’ (17/39. Lady Amherst’s, silver and Reeves’s pheasants.

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