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hermes replica belts It’s one thing to show fight and character, quite another to assess one’s talents. Whatever happens in this coming test and the aus series, there are certain givens for the indian team. Dhoni shouldn’t play in abroad tests (simply no technique), see how useful a mark boucher/matt prior have been for their teams. For a long time under vvs’ shadow, dhoni’s batting was protected, not anymore. Ashwin should be retained one way or the other in the side and potentially made a no 6 batsman. He actually batted quite well in aus so he’s no flat track bully. Umesh and Aaron should be sent over for a brief stint at county cricket, so do pujara/kohli. Great teams aren’t made overnight, it takes several years. After many years of consistent performances, india reached its peak in 2010. SA are peaking right now. If india lays the groundwork now, maybe we would have a good/great team by 2015 hermes replica belts.