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Replica Birkins Hermes replica hermes bags And if you are headed out to see a movie this weekend, you may encounter this. Bag checks at the door before you even buy your popcorn or take your seat. America’s largest theatre chain instituting this new search policy after a series of violent attacks. ABC’s Clayton Sandell reporting in from the movies tonight. Reporter: The places we go to escape reality are now having to face it head on. We are in the movies and someone started shooting people. Reporter: At this Louisiana movie theatre in July, two people are killed, nine more wounded. Earlier in Nashville, a man attacked movie Goers with a pellet gun and a hatchet. Of course Aurora, 12 killed, 70 more hurt. Announcing all bags will be subject to inspection. Shantell Martinez says going to the movies with her kids is very different. I’m always aware of my surroundings and keep my children close to me. Reporter: Regal says they want customers and staff to feel safe, saying we acknowledge this procedure could cause some inconvenience and it is not without flaws. It’s an invasion of privacy for sure, but also, you know, I know that they’re doing it for safety reasons. Reporter: At this regal theatre in New York, we watched ticket takers checking some backpacks, only glancing at others. In Denver, some were being inspected, but these large bags got by completely unchecked. Cecilia, searching bags may not have prevented the massacre at this Aurora theatre three years ago because the gunman didn’t bring his weapons in the front entrance. He snuck them in an emergency exit around the back. Cecilia? Clayton Sandell, thank you. replica hermes bags

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